Northeast Real Estate Solutions, Inc.

Northeast Real Estate Solutions, Inc. provides a variety of services to our clients. Whether you are looking for Commercial Real Estate services, Renewable Energy Services, we are here to work with you Northeast was established in 2008 as a Commercial Real Estate Brokerage and Consulting Firm. Since the establishment of the MA Green Communities Act in 2008, Northeast has grown in the renewable energy sector bringing together substantial users of power ( “off-takers “) and renewable energy developers. We work within multiple renewable energy areas to include solar, wind, anaerobic digestion, combined heat and power (CHP). With a proven track record of successful commercial, brokerage and consulting experience, Northeast is a small firm with an in-depth knowledge of the prospects, properties and business climate. We are a green company, as we service both sides of the spectrum, contact us to start the conversation of how we can help you reduce your bottom line and increase your green energy footprint.

Need to reduce your energy expenses, or have available land to lease/sell to our developers? Reach us and let’s begin a profitable working relationship.

Land Owners & Investors

Do you have a piece of real estate that you are interested in having assessed to Lease for solar development?

Our company employs a Professional Civil Engineer, who works for you to be sure you receive professional thoughtful service. Let us access your site for appropriate use. We will keep in mind all permitting and zoning issues.

Please note that all contact is confidential and is solely for the purpose of exploration and conversation. At no time will your name or contact information be used for any other purpose.